Match Report
St James Senior Boys' School Boys-U15A vs  Ibstock Place Sevens
On: Thursday, 07 Mar 2019
Venue: Away

It is days like today that make teaching worthwhile. No, we did not return to Ashford covered in silverware and carrying trophies but today this team learned more about themselves than they have in a long time.

Placed in a tough group the boys started strongly, putting an impressive 5 tries past Ibstock in the short, 8 minute game.

Hampton were to follow and so was the first lesson of the day; treat your opponent with respect... but then respectfully put them in their place. Unfortunately, there was too much respect in the first half, gifting Hampton a two score lead but the second half was won 7-0 by the Saints... maybe we can roll with the big boys?

Lesson number 1 was well received as the boys turned around to face the second threat in the group which came in the guise of Tiffin school. The Saints showed absolutely no mercy and gave no quarter in a clinical display of outstanding Sevens. The winning margin was 38-0 but this could have been considerably higher had the squad not been rotated.

the last two games in the pool were a formality with both Radnor House and Emanuel being swept aside, paving the way to the semi finals and a well known Gunnersbury team.

The semi final was where a very clear Lesson Two was delivered, and hopefully received: back yourself. or fold. Those in the navy, sky and gold of our elite teams who backed themselves were simply unbelievable and when they look back on today, will realise just how good they were. One score separated the teams and right up until the final whistle it could have gone either way... against a school who won the county cup this year in the teir above us.

Stiffer challenges will come next week at the Surrey Championships but if they can learn the two lessons from today, we should look forward to standing toe to toe with the biggest names in schools Rugby.