Match Report
St James Senior Boys' School Boys-U15A vs  The Judd School
On: Thursday, 31 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

'No regrets' has been the mantra of this team since the first game way back in September and slowly but surely this group of young warriors has come to understand the true purpose of sport.

Yes, it is nice to win and yes it is nice to win in cup competitions but what we aim to achieve at St James is a deeper understanding of the players. We hope that our boys understand that if they can work as hard as they possibly can, if they can positively inspire and influence those around them, if they can trust and believe in everyone on their team, then they can leave the field of battle with no regrets, regardless of the score line. And I think that we achieved that yesterday.

The Judd school were a well organised, powerful group of experienced Rugby players and they implemented their game plan well in the early stages of the game. However, the St James defence was magnificent and they repelled wave after wave of attack, turning over the ball on several occasions and looking dangerous on the counter attack.

Judd scored first but this did not raise any concerns with the Saints as they had only had a fraction of the possession and the fact that they had used the first 20 minutes to work out the opposition game plan boded well for the rest of the game.

In possession the Saints looked dangerous out wide but a very well organised Judd defence stopped the clean breaks that we enjoyed in other games and forced our boys to try and push the game, causing uncharacteristic errors, leading to a score line of 12-0 to Judd at the break.

The boys were positive at half time and knew exactly what they needed to do to fix the problems and put in place a clear plan for the second half. The Saints were by far the better team at the start of the second half but 3 freak injuries to key players put pay to any thought of a comeback and Judd took the opportunity to extend their lead.

At this point, the Saints true character shone through and rather than collapse and give up, the leadership team got a grip of the situation, rallied the troops and inspired the team to finish the game with their best 15 minutes of the season and this is exactly what they did, almost scoring a couple of tries right at the death but definitely finishing the game with the respect of the opposition, the referee, the teachers and the crowd that had come to watch.

Some times it doesn't go your way but if you can walk off the pitch being able to look your team mates in the eye then you can have no regrets about how you have performed.

An outstanding performance that these boys should be proud of.